Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I've done it again

I am starting a Google+ account so that I can get on here more often to read the blogs I 'follow', but that should also remind me to post on here on occasion.  And I should post, because, strange though it may be, people are still actually checking it on occasion.

So, I will attempt to post more on recipes I am trying, my TV obsessions (Doctor Who and Sherlock), the games I play, and any other interesting projects I come across.

Lately that has included a lot of little things, first of which is a baby afghan for a shower I went to earlier this month, although I don't think I took any pictures of it.  It was really cool, three strands of yarn, white, green, and yellow, all crocheted together using rows of double crochets.  It turned out to be a chunky, variegated, soft blanket, which I am pretty proud of.  Also, it probably only took 5 or 6 hours altogether to do it.

My TV watching has been mostly a waiting game, since Sherlock just started filming their 3rd series and Doctor Who doesn't start airing for another week.  I am a big fan of those shows, although that apparently makes me a bit of a sadist, since Steven Moffat is evil and I still watch his shows.

As for games, my new hobby is LARP and table-top role playing games.  LARP's are Live-Action Role Playing, which means a group of us act out our characters' roles.  I am really enjoying the role playing games and have managed to get involved in 3 of them now, two World of Darkness and one Dungeons & Dragons game.

I still go geocaching on occasion, and hope to get out more now that the weather has started to warm up.  I am also learning to shoot, thanks to a nice guy at work.  I promise, once again (I hope I don't disappoint again), to keep more up on this blog, since writing it is fun and a good way to record some of my projects.