Friday, February 27, 2009

As Chantel pointed out,

I am a bad blogger still. I fibbed about blogging again last weekend. Naughty. Can you ever forgive me?

I am having a game night tonight and we are waiting for the rest of the people to arrive and for the pizza guy to bring my dinner. Yum. I just finished baking a couple batches of sugar cookies which came out nice and soft. Yay me.

Work this week was ok, but there is a super lot of drama about some people being promoted and some not and blah blah blah. I work with 7 other girls, so I am sure you get the picture. Sometimes its like being back in high school. Oh well, I will survive and I am sure Chantel will as well, even if it is not by staying with us. :(

Other than work, my husband is wonderful because he cleaned the whole house to get ready for tonight and he bought me a new vaccuum, which I have been wanting since mine always smells like burning rubber when I use it. So yay for my new vaccuum. I will try it out tomorrow and hopefully let people know how it works.

I should run since the pizza guy just showed up and I am starving. Hope you all have a nice night.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am still alive...

Not very active, but definitely still alive. I am sorry for the laziness that has resulted in such a long period without a post. Sorry sorry sorry. Is that good enough? Okay, on to recent events.

The blogging hiatus started when Shane and I went to Idaho to vacation with his parents. We stayed at a nice condo near Schweitzer Mountain and got in some skiing. I took a lesson and it wasn't half bad!

After we got home I have mostly just been being really lazy. We spent one weekend at RadCon, the local sci-fi/fantasy/whatever convention here in the TC. It was much fun as always. I made super cute fairy wings that I will have to take a picture of and we bought a couple of really great art prints at the art show.

Other than that my only excuse is that Chantel was having way too much fun on a cruise, so I had to take care of everything at work and we were kinda busy so I was super tired. But don't feel bad Chantel, I may have to go on a cruise this fall just to pay you back. ;)

Anyways, I will post again this weekend with more details and a really late reading list for January. Catch you all later.