Saturday, September 5, 2009


So, I know I should have posted this ages ago, like when we did the canning, but I have been alternately busy and lazy and gone. Anyways, here are the long awaited results of the jam party.

We had loads of fun spending the day making jam. Nikki came over early and helped me pick the pluots at my neighbor's house. We got enough and then ran to the store to get the supplies to perm my hair. Once Chantel and Katie arrived we got started on processing the fruit. In addition to the pluots, we had strawberries (frozen) and peaches.

First we had to chop the fruit into tiny pieces and cook it down. Then we added the sugar and got it jarred up. The water bathing was super fast and we completed 6 batches of jam.

This is the pluot...
The peach had the most beautiful color...I am not sure these pictured really do it justice...
And these are our lovely jars cooling...We ended up making about 19 jars of jam for each of us. I gave one to a friend of Shane's and have a couple set aside to thank the neighbor who gave us the pluots. It was super fun and we will probably get together again to do apple pie filling and applesauce sometime in the next month or so when I get a couple boxes of apples from a guy at work. :)
My hair didn't get permed that day, but Chantel did it the next Saturday and here it is...ta da...
It actually looks nicer than this, since I wasn't allowed to wash it for two days after perming, and it was not styled and had no product in it at all. If I get a chance, I will snap some pictures this weekend while I am visiting my parents. They live near the beach, so hopefully we will go over and eat some chowder and letterbox if the weather cooperates...or quite possibly even if it doesn't. On Monday I will return home to my poor husband who is working this weekend and couldn't come and I will give you all some more pictures to look at.

Have a great holiday!!!